As part of the global campaign to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 Beck Prosper (BPL) has continued to strive to play a part. BPL has employed a dedicated Health, Safety and Environmental Advisor, Rachael Wood, with full responsibility for leading the efforts in improving the working environment for all employees whilst also ensuring that any impact on the general environment is reduced to a minimum. Rachael is working in collaboration with our Quality Manager as BPL transits from ISO 14001 to ISO 45001.

In May 2020 BPL installed a ‘Baling Machine’ to recycle and dispose of cardboard. This machine condenses the cardboard waste thus reducing the amount of containers needed to dispose of the waste and allows the cardboard to be recycled back into production.

At the end of November 2020 BPL proudly took ownership of eight new all electric forklift trucks. They are the most environmentally friendly trucks and replace our old gas forklifts. This massively reduces our carbon footprint as they are cleaner, easier to maintain and much quieter.

In fact they are so quiet BPL have invested in additional safety measures on the trucks themselves and have also installed safety barriers and signage throughout to highlight potential risks!

Continuous improvement never stops!