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About Beck Prosper

We are a world-leading manufacturer of high integrity bolting and special fasteners used in critical applications and environments worldwide. As a manufacturer and stockholder specialising in the production of high-quality special bolting, especially from European-sourced material, we are able to meet the exacting needs of our customers in the global energy, nuclear, oil and petrochemical industries.

As one of the few UK manufacturers accredited to API 20 E (BSL 1 and 2) and API 20F (BSL 2 and 3), we are proud to have a long and prestigious history of providing a wide range of fully traceable components at competitive prices, without compromising on quality, predominantly using our full range of European-sourced material. This combined with our fully equipped manufacturing facility in Kingswinford with over 100 employees enables us to deliver highly specified parts to required deadlines demanded by our customers.

About Beck Industries

Beck Prosper is a division of the Beck Industries Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of special bolts for the power generation and energy industries.

Being part of the Beck Industries Group provides us with access to vast amounts of stock. With a stock inventory estimated at over £20 million, and held in various warehouses throughout Europe, we have instant access to products when demand and disruption require it.

The Beck Industries head office is located in Armentières, Northern France near Lille and on the border of France and Belgium. Other divisions within the Beck Industries Group include:

  • Beck Crespel Head Office – 40 Rue des Fusilles, 59280 Armentières, France

  • Beck Technologies – Aillevillers-et-Lyaumont, France

  • Cousin et Malicet – Bogny-sur-Meuse, France

  • BC Basco – Lokeren, Belgium

  • BC Deutschland – Hamm, Germany

  • Walter Hasenkämper – Hagen, Germany

  • Beck Crawford Singapore – Singapore

  • Beck Nord Afrique – Morocco

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